Monday, October 31, 2011

Climbing a ladder $afely

Whether you're cleaning your gutters, inspecting your chimney or hanging holiday lights--don't let any chore that requires you to leave the ground set you up for an accident--follow these helpful tips to keep you safe when using a ladder.

Know the proper placement of a ladder (1 foot away from the house for every 4 feet of height your ladder is raised).

Wear gloves to get a better grip and provide a protective barrier for your hands.

Make sure you know the location of power lines attached to your home and avoid these when placing your ladder.

Climb safely by carrying only one item up at a time or use a pulley system,  Keep 3 contact points on the ladder at all times (2 hands and 2 feet equal 4 contact points)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to $ave Money when Dining out!

We go out to eat less frequently than we use to...mainly because I have learned to cook restaurant style meals at home.  The money spent dining out one moderately nice meal a week for our family of 4 can easily equal our grocery budget for the week!
Here are a few hints that may help trim back the cost of eating at a restaurant.

1)  Eat lunch instead of dinner because the prices are generally less for the exact same meal and portion size.
2)  Avoid the high price drinks-skip the glass of wine, alcoholic beverages and sodas and stick to water.  If your kids meal comes with a drink, allow the adult to drink that (because my children NEVER drak their soft drinks!)
3)  Use coupons you clip from yur newspaper, sign up for on-line savings at your favorite restaurants, purchase coupons at  Watch for specials such as BOGO free, Happy hour pricing or other pairings
4)  Stretch the entree into two meals.  Ask for a to go box and take a portion of your meal home.  Or take the soup or salad part of your meal home (ask for it to be served to go and you'll never touch it...or miss it)
5)  Dine earlier in the evening or on special days of the week when special pricing may be in effect.
6)  If you are an expensive coffee drinker, learn to make the Latte at home and save yourself the 5 bucks...
7)  Learn to cook some of your favorite meals by GOOGLING copy cat recipes from your favorite restaurants (I've reproduced recipes from Olive Garden, Outback and even Mortons Steak House with great success)

Carve your Pumpkin$

We always carve a pumpkin for HalloweenHere is a great site for some free down loadable patterns: traditional, , cartoons or famous people, animals, etc.
I am sure you'll find a pattern you want to use this Halloween! Along with the instructions for carving your best pumpkin ever!  Happy Carving!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

$hopping Walmart this Chri$tma$ $ea$on

Walmart, the world's largest retailer announced a new holiday policy price-matching strategy.  They'll guarantee the lowest price of any competitor, no matter when you buy during the season. 

Here is how it works
Make a purchase at Walmart November 1-December 25
Save your receipts
If you see an identical item for less at any store, bring the flyer AND your original receipt to Walmart and you'll be issued a gift card for the difference in price.
NO gift cards will be issued after December 25th!

Internet retailers are excluded from this offer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Di$hwa$her $en$e

Here are a couple ideas that can save you money when using your dishwasher:

Use the lightest cycle possible-not every load requires the power wash and heated drying cycle

Use less detergent-the more soiled the dishes, the more detergent you should use (up to the full amount)
Most dishwashers clean just fine with a teaspoon of detergent

Use a rinse aid to assist with drying

Skip heated drying

Use the rinse and hold cycle for families that don't need to run the dishwasher more than once a week. 

Always run it using a full load (but you knew that!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry for not posting regularly

Dear FollowersSorry for not posting but I have been super busy with family obligations and training for a half marathon I'll race/walk on November 12th as well as getting some craft items ready for a show I am doing in Late November
Here are a couple of photos of some items I'll showcase here in the next few days and weeks to get your ready for some frugal Holiday decorating.  They'll be lots more where these came from-using recyclables and items you probably already have on hand!