Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do not $quander time for that is the $tuff life is made of

--Benjamin Franklin said it...but how do you do it?
that's 24 hours, 1449 minute or 86,400 seconds each day
Here are a few ways to get more meaning out of your day while getting more done

Make the drive time do double duty
--have your children make lists of what you need to buy at the grocery, do when you get home, what to pack for the sleepover, fun things to do this weekend, etc.
--listen to books or the bible on CD
--call your mother
--schedule a doctor appointment
--let your kids do their homework, recite times tables, read aloud, check spelling words
--pray aloud
--sing along with the radio
--check your route and do errands to and from other appointments
--store your coupons in the car so you'll always have them handy when making a last minute stop for groceries, a dinner out or gift
--select doctors, orthodontists, dog groomers for their proximity to where you live

Use your Computer or cell phone
--send e-vites, e-greetings or reminder lists to your children
--register on line for coupons added directly onto your grocery shopping rewards card
--keep your lists organized at, the are all in one safe place, these never get lost and you can print them when you need them for shopping (I also make lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, etc.)
--do your birthday or Christmas shopping

Organize your closet
--sort items by color to easily find that white shirt
--organize a week worth of clothes, including accessories so you can get dressed with less stress in the morning (Works great for kids too)
--learn what works for you in the clothing department and spend less time feeling guilty about that purchase that never gets worn because the color is wrong or horizontal stripes make you look too wide

Whittle out Worry
--keep a notebook at the bedside, desk and even the bathroom if necessary to record what needs to be done. This helps me cut down on insomnia
--take 5 minutes before going to bed to get organized before settling in for the night
--BREATHE deeply
--leave items in the same place every day (bills, the keys, your glasses)
--keep a few generic gifts on hand for last minute presents (We stock a gift box under DD2s bed with an I-tune (or other) gift card and a favorite spray/lotion combo from a bath store...just in case she gets a last minute invitation to a birthday party ...OR I've forgotten!)

--have kids make their school lunches as you are cleaning up after dinner (less mess and it is done without a rush the next morning)
--allow kids to do their own laundry (after you've taken the time to teach them) even your 8 year old can do a load of towels each week
--ask for help before you need it from both your spouse, kids or neighbor and avoid blowing up (setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, picking up the kids from practice or picking up the dry cleaning). Reciprocate often.

--I give each person a SIMILAR gift each year
Books, hand knitted scarves, hand made greeting cards, ornaments, even gift cards
It's fun to select a theme and then find just the RIGHT gift for each person and it works for every holiday/birthday/person/occasion (wedding, baby shower)
--I purchase birthday cards for the entire year in one or two visits. That way I always have the card on hand for that special someone. I also stock up on a few sympathy, anniversary, get well and thinking of you cards

Monday, January 24, 2011

Overlooked items on your Honey Do List$

Clean the Dryer Lint Trap
Vacuum high traffic areas to preserve the life of your carpeting
Check your Carbon Monoxide detector (especially during cold weather months)

Clean the refrigerator door seal with warm soapy water
Eliminate odors and gnats in the drain by running 1/2 bleach down the drain followed by a gallon of water
Run a half a lemon or lime through the garbage disposal to keep it sweet smelling
Replace your furnace filters

Twice a Year
Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, vacuum out any dust that may have accumulated
Inspect your homes foundation for cracks
Clean exterior light fixtures (I do this at the same time I clean the exterior windows)
Clean out your gutters
Vacuum the coils on the back of the refrigerator
Wipe down the baseboards with a lint free cloth, vacuum air exchange vents
Use up whatever is in your pantry and freezer
Have your carpets professionally cleaned to extend their life

Inspect your washing machine hoses and replace if brittle or cracked
Inspect the wood trip or siding on your home for termite or wood wasp damage and treat as necessary

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am an avid coupon user and take advantage of the coupons you can load on your Shopper Card at Krogers.

Did you know that you can combine the coupons loaded on your card with the printed coupons you cut from the newspaper or get on-line?

Kroger dose put some of their PRIVATE SELECTION Labels on the e-coupon site but most of the coupons are for national brands, which tend to be more expensive. If you pay attention, purchasing the brand name items can be more frugal than buying the store brand if you are able to combine 2 coupons.
For example, I recently purchased TAMPAX pearl, on sale for $6.99. I had an e-coupon for $2 and a clipped coupon for $1 making my total price $3.99, which was cheaper than the store brand.

I load e-coupons onto my card weekly, then I print the e-coupon list, match it up with my clipped coupons and then go shopping with this in hand.

Expired coupons fall off the card when no longer valid.

Kroger also allows me to redeem coupons which I failed to present at checkout and refunds me the money. This is great when the coupon was forgotten at home, DH shops or I make an unscheduled purchase and have failed to pull the coupon prior to checkout.

Always review your receipt for accuracy once you are home or better yet, try to keep on eye on the scanned price as you are going through the checkout to assure you get to take advantage of any sale prices.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year$ Re$olution$

So many people make New Year Resolutions...I figured I do the same!
Here are a few of mine

1) Use what I have on hand: This includes craft supplies, pantry and freezer items and clothing
I intent to re purpose existing items, complete unfinished craft projects and use what I have instead of purchasing new items (including both craft and food items). I figure these will free up TIME and money plus rotate the inventory.

2) Eliminate shopping as a sport. While I don't shop for clothing on a regular basis but do frequent Target and craft stores. I have so many items on hand I could open my own novelty or craft/fabric/yarn store. I can use my stash of items as gifts or donate to a worthy cause.

3) Eliminate reading sale ads and Internet shopping ads. I love reading the Sunday paper ads while drinking that first cup of coffee in bed (before church) but This habit has give me a bad case of the WANTS.

4) Get my stuff posted on ETSY and E-bay and stash the cash.

5) Save a percentage of my paycheck FIRST. I'll tithe second and then pay bills third. I do have MORE THAN ENOUGH...If you struggle with savings I advise a direct deposit from your paycheck directly into a savings account ( divert to my credit union account for large ticket items like Homeowner dues and football tickets). Think there isn't enough money to save? Start with $10 each payday.

6) Save coins to use as DISNEY dollars for our summer vacation.

7) Eliminate waste buy turning off lights, take shorter showers, conserve energy by lowering the thermostat, eat the leftovers, wear clothing a second time, and again...use what I have instead of buying something new!

Good Luck with your resolutions and remember you can start fresh again each day!