Tuesday, May 17, 2011

$aving time

Prepare chicken breasts in bulk once a week to use for a quick meal.  If I am grilling dinner, I'll throw on a couple of boneless skinless cutlets for use later in the week.  Seasoned differently, you'll have some variety when you're in a pinch for a quick dinner.

Use your already cooked breasts for
BBQ chicken sandwiches
or top a grilled breast with honey mustard, bacon and cheddar for a delish sandwich worthy of a restaurant
Chicken Cesar salads
use in your favorite chicken pasta salad, or chicken salad

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ju$t for Mom$ (ok, Parent$) web$ite$

Moms can always use another website so here are a few that have been recommended includes contributions from guest contributors in video format includes information on children by age group, toy reviews, an family travel info connects moms who use their TWITTER accounts and has a community related section
and my favorite  is an all inclusive site, the how too area has tips divided up by such topics as food, beauty, home and parenting. And tabs on each of these subjects and ore for even greater detail and selection.

Keeping your home Trouble Free

Being a grownup isn't all it's cracked up to be...Too many home maintenance chores!
Here is what we are facing this summer
1)  Repair the leak in the basement
2)  Refinish the driveway
3)  Replace many of the 38 windows in our 23 year old home.  We'll do this in waves (either the entire back or front of the house, of the lower or upper level.  I am going for the back of the house first!)  I want the windows with the blinds built in. 
4)  Refinish the entry way hardwood floor
5)  Replace the overgrown landscaping in the front of the house
6)  Replace the shower door and re-caulk the master tub

I am tired already! I'll be broke once we begin this process.