Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation to the "Mo$t Expen$ive Place on Earth"

We are once again planning to visit the "Most Expensive Place on earth". Disney World in June of 2011 and plan on staying on the property in the Beach Club. Now, I know that this is NOT a frugal vacation...but since we take so few vacations we choose to splurge with nice accommodations and a stay of 7 days.

We'll pay CASH for the entire thing including airfare (unless we choose to drive) so planning is paramount.

First things first:
I purchase both the Disney Pass-porter and the Unofficial Guide to Disney's well as use various websites (I love as each offer varied, detailed information, touring plans and "insider info". All accumulated info is kept in a multi-page spreadsheet, which is easy to update, color code and update for future visits.

We have stayed at both the Wilderness Lodge and the Swan on previous visits. Our DDs are age 19 and 13 for the 2011 trip so staying at an Epcot resort on the Boardwalk OR the Polynesian were my initial choices. Searching the Disney website made it a quick decision because the Polynesian was so much more expensive than the Beach Club Resort(lowest priced rooms since we spend so few hours actually in the room). I have 12 months to save the money so the total estimated amount needed is roughly calculated (I used the Resort fee, Dinsey Dining plan with one sit down meal daily, park hopper option plus $350/airfare per person to get a rough total)and I will transfer that amount to our savings account immediately on paydays and earmark it for DISNEY.

Next part of the plan will be to begin to consign un-used clothing and toys, e-bay items sitting in the basement, sell used books, albums and CDs and stockpile the extra money. I may even get my ETSY store up and running! I'll post other creative ways I sequester money for the vacation.

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