Monday, July 26, 2010

Free $tuff

Who doesn't love a freebie? I sure do--but hate the sites that end up requiring you to subscribe to an e-mail or take a hundred clicks to get to the real meat of the offer and then it seems you get spammed a lot after taking advantage of the freebies, making them less than FREE.

For those reasons alone, I LOVE
I don't get unsolicited e-mails and I get products I need and use.

Click on IN stores now (left hand side of page near the bottom)
Once you are redirected to that portion of their site you can click on any of the freebies, tools or music downloads
I've received pet treats, feminine protection items,beauty items, coffee samples and more and my kids love the free downloads. I even sign up my daughter and have the samples which are appropriate delivered directly to her college address.

For the products I might not use personally, I save them for mission trips (create a free, use it if you need it box of samples, like your concierge service at an upscale resort) or donate pet items to my local shelter or charity.

Happy Surfing

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