Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 thing$ worth $plurging on

If you made a new years resolution to stop spending-you have the company of millions of Americans
Here are a few purchases, when you make them, that you'll not want to skimp on

1)  Interior paint-buy the highest quality paint you can afford as the higher priced items GENERALLY look better and are easier to apply.  Paints run from $10-$50 a gallon!

2)  Running shoes--cut rate shoes have insufficient arch support.  Visit a local running store, have your feet evaluated and purchase their recommendations for happy feet!  Plan on spending upwards of $130

3)  Kitchen knives--a high quality set can last a lifetime.  Make sure you purchase a knife that has a high-carbon steel blade and a handle out of crack resistant material.  Professional grade knives start at around $400--but these may be the ONLY knives you'll ever have to buy!

4)  Mattress--a better bed is key to a good nights sleep.  Col count, gauge and filling materials all play a role in firmness, comfort, sturdiness and durability.  Take your time selecting a new mattress and plan on replacing every 10-15 years!

5)  Estate Planning-Update your estate planning documents whenever you have a major life change.  Sure, the do-it-yourself kit for $15 can be used to draw up a will but more complicated estates (those valued over $50,000 should be handled by an attorney.

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