Wednesday, December 4, 2013

$kin $aving Tip$

You can't stop time and the only cure for getting older is DON"T (not an alternative I embrace at this time)
but you can minimize the effects of aging with these tips

1)  Wear sunglasses.  Less squinting onto the sun equals fewer lines around the eyes.  Choose a pair with the appropriate protections (995 UVA and UVB) and use them year round..  Snow reflects the sun too!

2)  Use Sunscreen--it's essential to keep your skin younger looking.  Use it regardless of the weather.  Select a foundation that has built in sunscreen and has anti-oxidants too.  Apply liberally.  SPF matters

3)  Eat well and stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of water.  Eat foods rich in Omega 3-fatty acids (like salmon, walnuts).  Citrus fruits enhance collagen production, the lycopene found in tomatoes protect against skin damage.  Avoid sugar which causes glycation in the bloodstream-a principle cause of cellular aging.

4)  Wash your face and neck regularly:  Never skip washing your face before bedtime.  The skin on your neck is an extension of the facial skin and is just a fragile.  Treat it kindly, using cleanser created specifically for your type of skin.  Price is not always a factor of effectiveness.  Do your research to find a frugal skin care regime that is right for you and your budget.

5)  Moisturize your face with a product created for your skin type.

6)  Get your sleep.  8 hours is required for your immune system to do it's work and for cellular repair to take place

7)  Limit alcohol intake (and to help with hydration drink 1-8 oz glass of H2) for every alcoholic beverage you consume.  That will also equal less calories consumed.

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