Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Month of Living Frugally

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Well, it's the New Year!  Time to make some resolutions

  According to assorted websites Spend Less and Save More ranks 3rd or 4th in resolutions in 2014.  45% of all Americans make a New Years Resolution and 25% of you will fail to keep it through the first month.  And 2000 lbs of confetti are dropped on New Years Ever--talk about a wast of money !!!

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My Spend Less, Save more for the New Year is a simple on--Spend Less, Save More!  To do that I have implemented the following steps:

1)  Pledged to USE up the food in my Freezer and Pantry
To make this more likely I have taken a quick stock of what I have on hand and have set a menu to take advantage of those items.  
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2)  I will not peruse the sale ads in the Sunday Morning Paper--I have too much stuff already.  To save money I will NOT buy more of what I don't need, already have!

3)  I've planned some craft projects to use up craft items I have on hand (now, I could OPEN my own CRAFT this should be easy but ooh--those new yarns, beads, papers are SO pretty!)

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4)  I continued my habit of having an automatic deduction from my checking account to my savings account each pay date.  A minimum of 10% of my take home pay.  Once I see how the pay cut, new Insurance premiums and 401K deductions affect my take home I plan on adjusting this upward by 2% per quarter.
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5)  Clean out and get ready for a yard sale this spring.  Might as well make a buck if it possible.  I also plan to find a buyer for an old set of china I have had on had for 25 years and some Stampin' Up stamp sets.  
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6)  Make lists of things I (think) I need to buy.  And then wait to buy them until I get a really good deal. Usually by that time I don't need it anymore (or see #8)

7)  Shop Used clothing stores.  I am traveling to the Dominican Republic in April and need clothing that I can leave behind when I return to the US.  I've found some great shorts (Talbots) $3.  Hmmm...maybe I will have to keep these for myself as I had white shorts on my shopping list. More on this in a future post!

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8)  Put stuff away in the RIGHT spot.  I can't tell you how many times I have purchased a (usually CRAFT) item and then have not been able to locate it because I was careless and did not properly put it away.  It was lost in the craft-clutter of my basement.  Having to repurchase is not Frugal, especially when you consider the gas and time I also "spent".

9)  And I vow to not have any more late fees at the Library (after I finish this latest 14 day book)

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10)  Take advantage of coupons by sorting them each pay day, matching them to my shopping list and REMEMBERING to take them to the Grocery store with me.  

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11) Lastly, I am going to unsubscribe from e-mails that flood my inbox with suggestions to BUY something.  This will same me time and money!

I'd love to hear how you are approaching you New Years Resolution to 

and for some additional facts on New Year Resolutions check out these links below
Happy Frugality! 

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