Thursday, February 24, 2011

$howing the Love-$ugge$tion$ for the Frugal

These suggestions for showing the LOVE can be used for any occasion, not just Valentines day

They're creative so they require more preparation and thought than CA$H

1) Fill a car, locker, shower, closet.,mirror or other small area with post it note messages of love and encouragement (I love you, you can do it, you're the best, You make my day, etc.). Put this into action before your sweetie makes a a big presentation, goes on an important job interview, heads off to college or takes a big exam or you want to propose or tell your husband you're expecting your first baby.

2) Text a message of love and encouragement

3) Write it on the bathroom mirror with window paints

4) Hand make a card with all the reasons you love someone

5) Pray aloud for the person you front of them

6) Send an e-card

7) Use candy to send your message
Now and Laters: I love you NOW and I'll love you LATER
100 Grand: I wouldn't trade you for 100 Grand
Kisses: any number of sentiments
Snickers: Thought you could use a laugh today
Crunch Bar: Call on me when you are in a crunch
Sugar Daddy: Sugar, you sure are sweet, Glad you're my baby's daddy!
etc., etc., etc.

8) Make a coupon book of favorite activities the tow of you can share (ice cream, star gazing, TV show, etc.)

9) Hide a note in the sock drawer, lunchbox, favorite CD case

10) and my favorite-write a letter telling that special someone why you love them. This is a wonderful birthday or anniversary gift for the person who has everything!

Have a day filled with Love!

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  1. I love your ideas! I'm frugal to a fault.

    Last year I made birthday cards for my grown kids by doing a water color of a bamboo plant, painted their name in Chinese letters on the front and wrote a haiku about them.