Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do not $quander time for that is the $tuff life is made of

--Benjamin Franklin said it...but how do you do it?
that's 24 hours, 1449 minute or 86,400 seconds each day
Here are a few ways to get more meaning out of your day while getting more done

Make the drive time do double duty
--have your children make lists of what you need to buy at the grocery, do when you get home, what to pack for the sleepover, fun things to do this weekend, etc.
--listen to books or the bible on CD
--call your mother
--schedule a doctor appointment
--let your kids do their homework, recite times tables, read aloud, check spelling words
--pray aloud
--sing along with the radio
--check your route and do errands to and from other appointments
--store your coupons in the car so you'll always have them handy when making a last minute stop for groceries, a dinner out or gift
--select doctors, orthodontists, dog groomers for their proximity to where you live

Use your Computer or cell phone
--send e-vites, e-greetings or reminder lists to your children
--register on line for coupons added directly onto your grocery shopping rewards card
--keep your lists organized at, the are all in one safe place, these never get lost and you can print them when you need them for shopping (I also make lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, etc.)
--do your birthday or Christmas shopping

Organize your closet
--sort items by color to easily find that white shirt
--organize a week worth of clothes, including accessories so you can get dressed with less stress in the morning (Works great for kids too)
--learn what works for you in the clothing department and spend less time feeling guilty about that purchase that never gets worn because the color is wrong or horizontal stripes make you look too wide

Whittle out Worry
--keep a notebook at the bedside, desk and even the bathroom if necessary to record what needs to be done. This helps me cut down on insomnia
--take 5 minutes before going to bed to get organized before settling in for the night
--BREATHE deeply
--leave items in the same place every day (bills, the keys, your glasses)
--keep a few generic gifts on hand for last minute presents (We stock a gift box under DD2s bed with an I-tune (or other) gift card and a favorite spray/lotion combo from a bath store...just in case she gets a last minute invitation to a birthday party ...OR I've forgotten!)

--have kids make their school lunches as you are cleaning up after dinner (less mess and it is done without a rush the next morning)
--allow kids to do their own laundry (after you've taken the time to teach them) even your 8 year old can do a load of towels each week
--ask for help before you need it from both your spouse, kids or neighbor and avoid blowing up (setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, picking up the kids from practice or picking up the dry cleaning). Reciprocate often.

--I give each person a SIMILAR gift each year
Books, hand knitted scarves, hand made greeting cards, ornaments, even gift cards
It's fun to select a theme and then find just the RIGHT gift for each person and it works for every holiday/birthday/person/occasion (wedding, baby shower)
--I purchase birthday cards for the entire year in one or two visits. That way I always have the card on hand for that special someone. I also stock up on a few sympathy, anniversary, get well and thinking of you cards

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