Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Many people think that saving money requires some special theory, trick or formula but I am here to dispel that myth!  Sometimes saving money is more about discipline that it is any fancy formula!Saving money, from my perspective requires only a couple of things:

1) Desire or lack thereof
Often I find that spending money is a result my desire.  If I don't window shop, peruse the Internet or mall walk I am not tempted to buy things I don't need.  Amazingly simple...

2)  Reality Check
I have challenged myself to USE it up or GIVE it up.

I have a pantry and freezer full of food.  It makes me feel secure to have "enough" on hand and I feel like I am saving money when I buy canned goods on sale for half the regular price--but IF those go to waste, I have not saved anything.  Therefore, I occasionally go through a phase where I use up most of that which is lining the pantry and freezer shelves.  Waste not Want not...

Likewise, I collect items like fabric, craft supplies like beads, scrapbook paper and rubber stamps.  I have to challenge myself to use up the paper and beads before I buy new (a great motivation to finish a craft project which has been languishing).  This helps me create Christmas gifts, teacher gifts and other items to give away just because I have the supplies.  This mentality feeds my "Be Generous" goal too.  It feels good to give away something I have created to friends, family and co-workers out of my abundance.  Just this week, I cleaned off my craft table and made 34 pair of earrings (I could probably make 3400 more pair...) to prepare for a craft event I am participating in in early November.

I am also participating in a consignment event our church hosts.  This allows me to consign and donate items (that do not sell) in one easy process.

Since I have a multitude of stamp sets that I no longer use I will e-bay those to make a place on the craft shelf.

If I haven't worn an article of clothing, I pack it away for 6 months.  If I need it, I retrieve it.  Other wise, after the season change, i consign, sell on be-bay or donate.  Eliminates the clutter that use to accumulate in my basement and in drawers and closets.

Socks without mates?  Every few months we have a find a mate event and if no match is found, they get donated to a local charity that make money on used clothing that is not wearable.

3)  Make Do
If I need something new, can I replace that with something I already have?  I need a new iron and NO, the waffle iron will not make do-therefore I need to purchase a new iron.  However, I want a new white polo but will make do with a collarless white t-shirt I already have in the closet...

4)  Put it away
I don't know how many times I use to have to buy new because I couldn't find the (fill in the blank).  If I put something back it is always there when I need it next.

Sometimes saving money REALLY  is more about discipline that it is any fancy formula!
Please share your ideas

Have a Frugal day!

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