Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things your dentist wishes you knew

Research has identified periodontal (gum) disease as a risk factor for heart and lung disease, diabetes, premature, low birth weight babies and a number of other conditions. The 2000 Surgeon General's report, Oral Health in America, has called attention to this connection and states that, if left untreated, poor oral health is a "silent X-factor promoting the onset of life-threatening diseases which are responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans each year."

1)  Conditions in your mouth affect your body:  Bacteria under your gums can trigger an inflammatory response, which in turn can affect insulin sensitivity (of particular concern when you are a diabetic)

2)  Bleeding  or swelling of the gums and loose teeth can signal periodontis-which has no early symptoms (but can be detected and treated with regular checkups)

3)  Seeing a dentist on a regular basis is cheaper in the long run than not seeing a dentist.  Routine care prevents serious complications later on.

4)  Regular dental checkups are good for your.  Follow this link to learn more about the relationship between your mouth and your overall health.

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