Monday, January 6, 2014

How to $tay Warm

It is currently 1 degree here in Louisville, Kentucky with a wind-chill of negative 25!  Baby, it's cold outside!  YIKES!  I hope you have a warm home (not everyone in Louisville is so fortunate) with well insulated windows, doors free from drafts.  How can you stay warm without turning up the thermostat?

1)  Wear an under-layer such as long johns and a pair of wool socks or tights
Cotton on the inside layer with wool on the outer is  best for warmth and comfort.  I have a pair of silk long-johns that are thin and keep me warm when skiing.  Consider 2 pair of socks

2)  Wear a middle layer-a woven wool or flannel shirt, quilted vests add a layer of warmth

3)  IF you are venturing outdoors don't forget a HAT!  Most body heat is lost from an unprotected head.  Keep your ears covered if you won't wear a hat!  A coat that is wind an waterproof is desirable.  A parka with a hood helps keep the back of the neck protected.  Zippers keep you cozier than  buttons and are easier to manipulate with cold fingers.  Wool mittens with glove liners and waterproof boots will prevent frostbite on your extremities.  Don't forget a face-mask if you are going to be out in this weather for more than 10 minutes.

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