Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by changing the way you shop and cook
Celebrate Earth day April 22, 2014  & every day!

  • Buy your meat, eggs, fresh produce from local farmers or farmers markets--it's healthier and generally uses lass packaging.
  • Grow herbs in your own back yard.
  • Plan to "pick your own":  Strawberries, peaches, apples are my favorites.  Pick your own incorporates healthy eating with an activity-a 2for 1 event which is always a good frugal option!
  • Grill out suing a gas grill-more eco-friendly and a LOT easier.  Natural gas burns cleaner than propane and high BTUS burn more energy.
  • Choose sustainable seafood for more information check out
  • Read Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingslover
  • Compost.  Read for tips
  • Use cloth towels for kitchen cleanups and cloth napkins instead of disposable
  • Keep your oven pre-heating time to a minimum
  • Make your lunchboxes waste free by wrapping sandwich's in waxed paper which can be composted. 
  • Keep the oven door shut while cooking.  Every time you open the door the temperature drops by about 25 degrees, increasing the cooking time
  • Cleaning your oven:  If you have a self cleaning oven, do this immediately after you've used it to take advantage of residual heat
  • Cooking on a gas stove?  The blue flame indicates efficiency
  • Use your microwave-it's energy efficient
  • Minimize the use of your garbage disposal
  • Refrigerators account for about 12% of your monthly energy bill-buy an Energy Star qualified appliance when replacing
  • Appliance seals minimize energy waste--make sure the seals on your oven, freezer and fridge work properly to help reduce electrical consumption
  • Use the toaster oven for preparing small meals
  • Recycle glass, plastic an newspapers
  • use cloth bags to carry home groceries
  • Run your dishwasher when it is full
  • Use items made from recycled products:  everything from glassware to garbage bags

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