Friday, June 6, 2014

Pack your Travel Ca$e

It seems like I never get sick at home and being on vacation or a business trip without some basic first aid items can really break the bank.  Here are my tips for packing the travel case to pack in your suitcase.

I have a Vera Bradley travel bag that have multiple plastic sections.  I purchased some small dispensers from Target and create my own small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash and body lotion.  These are larger than the containers you buy and let me go for a weeks vacation.    I keep a Toothbrush, paste and dental floss in the case (replace the toothbrush the first of the year unless you are on the road so much that you require a more frequent change).  I place a new razor in the bag at the beginning of the new year and replace it after every 2 weeks of travel.  I take travel sizes of my hair products and a high quality cork screw!

Insect repellent or AVONs Skin So soft
Sun Screen--I buy a 3 pack at SAM's and take a NEW bottle (or 2 when traveling with family)
Benedryl (this also helps me sleep the first night in a strange hotel)
Prescription medications in their ORIGINAL containers
Pain reliever such as Advil, Tylenol or aspirin

Nice to have:
Baby wipes or facial cleaning cloths
nail clippers and emery board
hand lotion
travel size perfume or those scented papers from magazines (vacation is a nice way to try a new scent)
feminine protection
ear plugs
moleskin to help with blisters or hotspots
sewing kit

I leave my travel bag packed, replenish when I return home and I ALWAYS have what I need to travel at a moment's notice.

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