Tuesday, August 26, 2014

31 day$ to a Le$$ Cluttered Life #2

If you've completed the clutter busting ideas for days 1-5 and are ready for a more organized life here are the next 5 days challenges.

6)  You'll find that during the purge process you'll find you may need to purchase replacement items.  Keep a running list.  It's been my experience that I occasionally find an item that i was sure was lost or used up.  Just be sure to cross of those items when you find them in an area you've just cleaned out!

7)  A place for everything and Everything in it's place
I find that I have the tendency to come into the kitchen and leave the details of my day on the counter (Briefcase, purse, lunch box, library books, mail).  This school year I resolve to put away my STUFF rather than laying it on the first flat surface I encounter.  I find that visual cleanliness makes me more relaxed.  Ok... this is not a picture of my kitchen but you get the idea...

Identify a place to stash backpacks, papers that need your attention, lunchboxes and wet umbrellas.

I have a set of hooks in my laundry room which is right inside the garage door
where we hang backpacks. You can use U-shaped curtain rod hooks mounted on the wall to store winter coats and scarves.
I use a discarded dish drainer to store wet shoes.  Use the plastic base and store it in the laundry tub when not in use.

Even the youngest member of your family can be taught to empty their backpack and lunchbox and replace the ice pack in the freezer, discard the garbage and replace uneaten snacks back in the pantry before placing the lunchbox back in its rightful storage place.

8)  I have multiple utensil drawers in the kitchen.  Years ago when I first began the annual purge-I found I had 10 TEN wooden spoons.  I was appalled to find that I had so many of the same item...Use this opportunity to clean out a kitchen drawer.  Donate items that are past their usefulness or you can't remember WHAT the darn thing does (did you really need that lemon zester).  The extra space will make cooking a more pleasant experience.

9)  Now move to cleaning out the silverware drawer.  Remove the storage container if you use one, wash and replace.  Throw away the old chopsticks that have migrated to the back of the drawer.  If you find that you're down to 3 teaspoons, put new silverware on your shopping list so you can keep an eye out for a good bargains.

10)  Linen Closet
I have 3 linen closets.  One in the powder room where I store linens for that half bath and all my "overflow linens.  Its less than 12 inches wide so there is NOT a lot of extra storage space.  I store any rags here for car washing or those towels that will accompany the kids to camp (and not be returned!)

The guest and Master bath Linen closets both require different types of attention.  The guest bath closet stores towels but also lines for both children's beds.  This area quickly gets out of control when the bed linens are not folded properly.  Check out this to see how to fold a fitted sheet. They key is tucking the corners into each other.

The Master bath stores beach towels and extra bottles of shampoo, etc. in addition to Master linens and towels.  If your cabinet has a shelf with toiletries-treat that shelf like a drawer and you can stick to the 15 minute tidy rule.

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