Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Travel Tip$

Airports are notorious for the high prices they charge for everything.  Try a few of these tips to save a few pennies

1)  Bring your own reading material--especially magazines which can be left behind for the next traveler, thereby, lightening your load as you run for your connection.  A puzzle book can keep travelrs of all ages occupied.

2)  Bring your own individually packaged snacks like peanuts travel well, as do pretzel and cheese in those little cellophane boxes.  Cookies and crackers have the tendency to crumble so I stick with items that weather the trip.

3)  You can't carry a water beyond the check point bu you can make that bottled water a bit more tasty by adding a dry drink powder.  My family likes Wyler's pink lemonade.

4)  Can't go without your Starbucks?  How about a VIA package.  Ask the flight attendant for some hot water and VIOLA--instant breakfast that is quick, filling and tasty!

5)  Speaking of hot water...take along instant oatmeal packages for a filling snack.  Don't forget the spoon.

6)  Make sure your bag has a few health care essentials packed to avoid excessive charges at the shops.  Pain relief meds, lens cleaners, tissues and hand sanitizing wipes are essentials in my bag.

7)  Don't forget your charger to keep travelers of all ages connected.

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