Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am an avid coupon user and take advantage of the coupons you can load on your Shopper Card at Krogers.

Did you know that you can combine the coupons loaded on your card with the printed coupons you cut from the newspaper or get on-line?

Kroger dose put some of their PRIVATE SELECTION Labels on the e-coupon site but most of the coupons are for national brands, which tend to be more expensive. If you pay attention, purchasing the brand name items can be more frugal than buying the store brand if you are able to combine 2 coupons.
For example, I recently purchased TAMPAX pearl, on sale for $6.99. I had an e-coupon for $2 and a clipped coupon for $1 making my total price $3.99, which was cheaper than the store brand.

I load e-coupons onto my card weekly, then I print the e-coupon list, match it up with my clipped coupons and then go shopping with this in hand.

Expired coupons fall off the card when no longer valid.

Kroger also allows me to redeem coupons which I failed to present at checkout and refunds me the money. This is great when the coupon was forgotten at home, DH shops or I make an unscheduled purchase and have failed to pull the coupon prior to checkout.

Always review your receipt for accuracy once you are home or better yet, try to keep on eye on the scanned price as you are going through the checkout to assure you get to take advantage of any sale prices.

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