Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year$ Re$olution$

So many people make New Year Resolutions...I figured I do the same!
Here are a few of mine

1) Use what I have on hand: This includes craft supplies, pantry and freezer items and clothing
I intent to re purpose existing items, complete unfinished craft projects and use what I have instead of purchasing new items (including both craft and food items). I figure these will free up TIME and money plus rotate the inventory.

2) Eliminate shopping as a sport. While I don't shop for clothing on a regular basis but do frequent Target and craft stores. I have so many items on hand I could open my own novelty or craft/fabric/yarn store. I can use my stash of items as gifts or donate to a worthy cause.

3) Eliminate reading sale ads and Internet shopping ads. I love reading the Sunday paper ads while drinking that first cup of coffee in bed (before church) but This habit has give me a bad case of the WANTS.

4) Get my stuff posted on ETSY and E-bay and stash the cash.

5) Save a percentage of my paycheck FIRST. I'll tithe second and then pay bills third. I do have MORE THAN ENOUGH...If you struggle with savings I advise a direct deposit from your paycheck directly into a savings account ( divert to my credit union account for large ticket items like Homeowner dues and football tickets). Think there isn't enough money to save? Start with $10 each payday.

6) Save coins to use as DISNEY dollars for our summer vacation.

7) Eliminate waste buy turning off lights, take shorter showers, conserve energy by lowering the thermostat, eat the leftovers, wear clothing a second time, and again...use what I have instead of buying something new!

Good Luck with your resolutions and remember you can start fresh again each day!

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