Monday, April 11, 2011

$mells? How to air out your house just in time for $pring!

Time to open the windows and get some of that fresh spring air smell inside! 
Here are some tips on the BEST way to bring only the best of the great outdoors inside.

1) Keep the screens in so varmints don't get in along with that fresh spring air.
2) If you have double hung Windows, open the top and bottom equal amounts.  Warm air will escape out the top and the cooler air will enter through the bottom of the window.
3) Open windows across the hall from each other.  Outside air will enter through one and that stale air will exit through the other.
4) Change your furnace filter regularly.  Run your A/C on low to filter out particulates (which trap odor molecules)
5) Place fans strategically in conjunction with your open windows to get the most benefit
6)  Clean your blinds and windows while you are at it to maximize that spring cleaning feel.

To clean blinds and windows arm yourself with a MR Clean magic eraser (new) and several microfiber towels and a few rags.
Lightly moisten the magic eraser with water and clean the blinds by stroking the eraser across the blinds. 
Wipe clean with a damp rag, dry with a clean rag. 
Moisten half of a microfiber towel and "wash" the window".  Dry with a clean microfiber towel.  Viola!  Sparkling clean with no streaks or use of chemicals!

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