Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What if it $tinks?

I swear I am the ONLY person in my house who can smell a rotting onion or potato in the pantry!  The thing could putrefy before anyone besides deal old mom searches out the stink and removes the offending object...We've all had those (embarrassing )bad smells emanating from some place in the kitchen and they can be hard to get rid of so here are a few ideas to keep the kitchen odor free.

Garbage disposal:  pour a cup of boiling water through the disposal which will clean the blades.  Follow with the peels of a lemon or orange.

Fridge:  give the interior a good wipe down occasionally with a clean rag dipped in diluted white vinegar, place a new box of baking soda in the back and dip a cotton ball in vanilla extract (place it in a bowl) on the lowest shelf.  Remove after a few days>  Of if you prefer, use coffee beans/used grounds instead.

Dishwasher:  Don't let a half full dishwasher stink up your kitchen.  Rinse dishes if they are going to sit for more than a day or two.  IF a really bad odor persists, you may have to clean the filters.  Some food particles may be stuck.

Stove:  Turn on your range hood when you cook, clean the grate over the fan, which collects grease.  Clean your oven occasionally along with the drip pan under the burners to remove food particles that can create a smell. 

The bathroom:  For those embarrassing "personal odors", light a match to quickly dispel the stink.  That's probably why a wise hostess has a candle burning in the powder room during her parties...

Baking soda, white vinegar and borax (like a concentrated baking soda) work wonders at removing odors. 
Brush your dog regularly, vacuum regularly and light a candle

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