Thursday, October 3, 2013

4th Quarter Financial Goal$

We're down to the wire for 2013...
only 3 more months until we turn over the calendar to 2014

It is time to FINISH STRONG!

1)  Evaluate your 2013 goals to see how you are doing
If you are on target, or are at 90% of your goal; congratulate yourself and begin to formulate 2014 goals

If you are slogging along, or between 70-90% of your goal; time to ramp up your efforts as you still have time to be successful.

Not even close?  Evaluate WHAT prevented you from hitting your goals.  Occasionally, life's circumstances prevent us from reaching a financial goal (illness, loss of job, catastrophic event, accident, etc.)  but more frequently it is just that we never overcame the inertia to begin to meet our goals.  We didn't start saving, we didn't get serious about paying down credit card debt, etc.  In order to reach the finish line you have to start the race!
WRITE DOWN what prevented you from reaching your goals (I suggest you do this on a frequent basis-weekly if you are an impulse spender whose budget is wrecked by every cute pair of shoes you see).  Be brutally honest with yourself to assure success.

Didn't create any financial goals?  It is not too late!  How about a couple of the following?
1)  Have a debt free Christmas and pay CASH for all your purchases
2)  Save 10% of your paycheck beginning with the next check
3)  Give 10% of your take home pay to your church or your favorite charity
4)  Go on a credit card fast for a week, a month or the remainder of the year
5)  Ramp up your savings to at least $1000
6)  Pay just $10 more on the minimum on your credit card
7)  Read a book on finance by Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman or similar
8)  Post your goals in a prominent place (like around your credit card or checkbook if overspending is an issue for you).  Read them often!

Good Luck-you can do it!

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