Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What do you Wa$te ?

Being frugal is more than just how you spend your money.

In my opinion it is includes how you utilize any of your resources.  Wasting time?-time is money, throwing out leftovers?-food was bought with hard earned money, have to buy something new because you can't find it in the clutter? get the idea...

Take 5 minutes this week (Time is money!) and don't over think this exercise.
1)  Set a time for 5 minutes
2)  Make a list of the ways you waste money-write down the first things that come into your head.
3)  When 5 minute are up, STOP writing

Now for the analysis of your list
1)  Try to classify the ROOT cause for the waste
Root causes may not be obvious.  For example, I occasionally have to repurchase a craft item because I didn't replace the product in the place it actually belongs.  I set it down in a heap of things and now (because there tend to be multiple heaps of things in my craft area) cannot locate the necessary product.  I could stop and put everything away properly but it usually ends up being easier to repurchase.  ROOT CAUSE:  too busy to put things away in their proper place and/or CLUTTER.  Reduce either of these bad habits and I save both time and money.   TO work on this root cause I spend 5 minutes before I craft (again, I set a timer) and after I craft to tidy up.

Other root causes might be boredom (shopaholic syndrome), unable to discern want from need, business (especially true in food waste for my household), etc.

2)  Do you have a theme among the ROOT causes (does one appear more frequently than the others)?  If so, attach this root cause first to reduce waste.

What are you wasting?  What are your root causes?

I look forward to hearing from you!


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