Friday, October 25, 2013

Enjoy the $eason

Fall is my very favorite time of year and there is so much to do that is virtually FREE!

Here are some of my favorites:

1)  Drive around a neighborhood that has good Halloween Decorations.  For us it is Hill-crest Avenue in Louisville, KY.
2)  Walk through a local nature preserve or park, enjoy the fall colors, listen to the crunch of the leaves underfoot.  Pick up 5 pretty leaves that catch your eye, or acorns, or interesting branches to use in your home.
3)  Check out local FREE Halloween activities.  Our church sponsors a Trunk or Treat!  Free candy for the kids in a safe environment.  We even serve FREE pizza. I am not sure who has more fun, the trick-or-treaters or the people who decorate their cars for the event.  Go to for more information (This years event is Wednesday, October 30th)
4)  Rent a scary movie from the Library
5)  Read ghost stories from books you've rented from the Library
6)  Sleep in under your winter linens!  (A personal favorite even though I don't get to do it very often)
7)  Make a pot of chili or bean soup and watch College football!
8)  Snuggle with your sweetie
9)  Rake the leaves in your yard and JUMP! in them
10)  Plan your costume using items you have around the house

St John UMC Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall Y'all!

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