Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frugal a Day-Week One (1)

We've missed school 3 days this week already and it is only Wednesday!
We've shoveled the driveway 3 times this week and it is only Wednesday! 
The kids have cleaned their rooms 3 times and it's only Wednesday!
It's only Wednesday and the teenager has already watched more
 hours of TV than she usually does all week...And it's only Wednesday!
The fridge is empty and it;s only Wednesday!

We've...well, you get the idea

So out of our disrupted routine this Blog Idea was born!
When you are home bound with too much time on your hands you can use it to your advantage.
I plan on inspiring you with 5 frugal tips, storage ideas and inspirations for the foreseeable future.
These are not aha moments-just mini-routines you can begin to incorporate into your life to have more peace, more happiness, less clutter and more money

Ready?, Set? Begin...

1)  Start each day with a routine. 
YOUR routine-not the idealistic routine that you've read about in the latest magazine article.  
Examine your daily routine and record the things that give your day structure, peace and joy.  
Keep these things. 
My dear husband gets up first and always brings me my coffee when I am in the shower.  
It is a great way to start the day.  

I always read a morning devotional called Jesus Calling.  It helps me remember I am not the CEO of the universe, though I often try to act like I am.  This centers and calms my spirit and allows me to offer up prayers for those things that concern me most that day.  It may be reading the paper, a spot of yoga or the morning news show.  Some ME time allows me to face the day with more vigor and enthusiasm.  

Next, record the things that bring you stress, chaos and bring out the mean mommy in you
Brainstorm ways to CHANGE these things into structure, peace and joy.
If you can never find your keys in the morning rush install a hook by the door and begin the habit of placing them there.

School lunches are always made at the last minute?  Involve the kiddos in making them, give a place in the fridge to keep the perishables and let the kids make them while you are preparing dinner (or as you are cleaning up the kitchen).  I find that having the kids make their own lunches insures they will eat them and I only have to wipe down counters ONCE an evening.  Frugal use of my time!

Pack backpacks after homework is done and leave by the door.  No more frantic scrambling in the morning to find the book, permission slip or art project.
The things that cause you stress may be entirely different than mine...what ever it is 
the key to TAMING it is NAMING IT.
Try assorted solutions until you find one that works for you and your household.  


Have a Happy Day

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