Thursday, February 19, 2015

Get out your Pencil

This post may not work for many of you, but if you are an organizational-aholic like me, making a list will appeal to you.  I am sure there is some psychology about people who obsessively make lists. My theory is that it helps me feel in control of the things that I can't control.  But I also KNOW from experience that my list helps me get things done that would otherwise be forgotten.

You'll need a spiral notebook (I look for one with a pocket or two) and a pen.

I leave the first page pf the clean notebook blank  and when I am feeling very creative I add inspirational quotes or items I've cut from magazines.  Different colored markers make this page more fun for me.

2nd page is blank in case I need more room later in the year

Page 3 is reserved for my GOALS
I have them categorized into GROW, SAVE, USE, CLEAN, RECYCLE, PHYSICAL, EXPLORE

Time spent thinking about WHAT you want to accomplish is time well spent.
A few years ago a 79 year old aunt of mine died unexpectedly.  I knew she was 79 but her death really made me aware of the passage of time.  I looked at my own life and for the first time realized "there was less track in from of the train than behind it".  That made me take a good hard look at what legacy I wanted to leave behind.  So I became more intentional about HOW I spent the limited amount of time I had in each day.

Goals need to be SMART-
Here are my goals for 2015

GROW-this addressed my spiritual life and work life goals.

  • Grow spiritually by spending quiet time each morning reading a devotional.  Work to hear Gods voice by journaling at least weekly about my experiences.  
  • Read 6 non-fiction work related book this year
SAVE-financial goals

  • Save 10% of salary automatically on payday
  • Use the Virtual Wallet function of Bank Account to save for large purchases
  • Pay bills on time and avoid late fees just because I am too busy to write the check and get it in the mail
USE-use up items instead of buying new 
  • Use up items in pantry and freezer
  • Put things away so I can find them when I need them which will prevent me from buying new because they are "LOST"
  • Complete craft projects that are already started, use craft supplies in new and exciting ways
  • Read my magazines within 30 days of delivery-then donate to 1/2 price book store for $$

CLEAN-remove unwanted items and dirt

  • Put things in their rightful place instead of on counter
  • DECLUTTER by cleaning out every drawer and closet to get rid of unwanted items 
  • ORGANIZE every drawer and closet
  • Get rid of clothing that no longer fits, out of style or I just plain DON'T like(no matter how much it cost or who gave it to me)
  • Deep clean things like blinds and baseboards
RECYCLE-use up items instead of buying new

  • Join my local Facebook chapters of County BUY, Sell, Trade to get rid of unwanted items
  • DONATE unused items to Goodwill, schools, Mountain Mission,etc
  • Use up donated yarn by making scarves for the homeless
  • Host a Garage sale
Physical-Incorporate a 1/2 marathon (13.1 mile) training schedule into my busy life

  • Run 3 x per week-Join a running club at my church for long runs on Saturday mornings, meet with other team members Friday Mornings and co-workers Tuesday Afternoons.  I really need accountability since I really DO NOT like running!
  • Schedule exercise classes into my daily calendar which incorporated weights and cross training
  • buy a CUTE running outfit (makes training more fun)
  • 64 oz. of water daily
  • Consume 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily
  • Take my vitamins and supplements daily

Explore-Try new things

  • Try a new recipe once a month
  • Make lists of books to read, movies to see, wines to try (keep this in my notebook) when I need inspiration
  • Create a Craft notebook of ideas so I can use them for inspiration when I need a push
  • Go to a new Restaurant quarterly

Well, I hope you get the idea from reading my goasl
Your goals belong to you and should reflect WHO you want to become.  It requires some thought and self reflection.  If you feel STUCK then just start collecting ideas on you page-you can develop goals from theses raw ideas over the next days and weeks.  

We will address the next step of creating your MONTHLY, WEEKLY and DAILY to do lists in the next post.

Happy pondering!

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